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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Germiest rooms in the home.

Our initial response would be the bathroom, however WebMD reports that the kitchen is the “germiest,”and the worst offender is the kitchen sponge you use to wipe counters and clean dishes. Researchers at NSF International found 77% of kitchens surveyed tested positive for coliform, an indicator for a form of bacteria found in fecal contamination.

Bathrooms are a close second in contamination, and toothbrush holders were the worse offenders. They apparently accumulate germs that swirl through the air after the toilet is flushed.

WebMD suggests that a simple solution is microwaving kitchen sponges two minutes every night to kill bacteria, or use rags that can be washed in hot bleachy water routinely. Cleaning countertops and sinks with disinfectant will greatly improve the situation, and cleaning toothbrush holders in the dishwasher, and closing the lid on the toilet before flushing will reduce air born contaminants in the bathroom.