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Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Cheating Death Diet!®

It’s not precisely a weight loss diet, but a roadmap to Health, Well-Being & Longevity. Although you will most likely shed many pounds, you will in essence, Eat Yourself Healthy!

There's no disputing that Health is more valuable than Wealth. Our, Let Nature Nurture protocol claims the "tour de force" in the battle 
of health, well-being & longevity.

Our main objective unfolds as a medically sound method to prevent debilitating disease rather than developing new ways to treat disease.
And, with ever fewer new cures coming on the scene due to increasing price controls by gov't.,  prevention is ever more a valid objective.
What pleasure is there in getting old if you're too ill, or bed-ridden to appreciate your Golden Years?

     Our creator endowed us with a balanced body chemistry which – if maintained – would provide us with a long and healthy life. A balanced body chemistry, when normal, is an acid/alkaline-balanced pH (percentage of Hydrogen) slightly in favor of alkalinity. It is this slight alkaline margin that we should aspire to maintain throughout life for maximum well being and longevity.
     Unfortunately, Doctors pay little or no attention to balancing body chemistry. If in fact they did, it would unbalance their cash-flow simply because the more we strive to maintain a correct pH alkaline level, the less we need them for detection and treatment. 
”Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food  
  - Hippocrates, the "Father of Medicine."
Such sound wisdom in such a small quote.  And now, clinically supported to be Life Saving Advice.       

  The great  surgeon Dr. George W. Crile stated, “There is no such thing as a natural death. All death from so-called natural causes are merely the endpoint of progressive acid saturation.

     We age in proportion to the amount of acid in our bodily tissues. As we age we become more acidic because we build up more acid waste, with bad diet choices being the principal cause. Within the typical American diet we eat 80% acid foods and only about 20% alkaline foods. 
     All cooked and commercially processed foods are very acidic, and today, most people live primarily on processed foods. These foods are very deceptive because they provide little or no nutritional value, thus leading to overeating, obesity, and deadly acidosis. Heating foods in the cooking process destroys all vitamins and nutrients, and leaves the food in an acidic state.

    But the good news is that an acidic body chemistry can be reversed. Forget those time consuming, and expensive Lab Tests. Medical science has developed a quick saliva and urine test to monitor and safely balance acidic levels with an inexpensive and simple to use Do-It-Yourself-Test-Kit. The test results are displayed immediately using the latest cutting-edge Litmus-pHydrion test strips to displays your body’s acid/alkaline content. You'll acquire an extremely accurate reading of how acidic or alkaline your tissues have become. It's a reliable barometer for assessing you likelihood of developing a debilitating desease.

Armed with just a tiny strip of pH reactive pHydrion test material, you can suddenly, and with amazing accuracy, quickly peek into your future health.  

     It's a cutting-edge scientific breakthrough for acidosis detection, and provides a reliable test result reading for developing common sense adjustments that can reverse dangerous acidosis poisoning, along with it's associated build up of acidic pools of breeding grounds for all sorts of debilitating diseases. The fact of knowing these levels gives you a real time ability to reverse and neutralize this dangerous condition before it develops into a life threatening disease.
Our pHydrion test strip dispenser contains 15 ft. of litmus-pHydrion test material....enough for 90 individual tests using a 2 inch strip for each test. Note the color chart on the dispenser that provides an immediate diagnosis of pH levels by comparing the color of your test strip after saliva or urine test saturation.
     Viruses, fungus and bacteria pathogens in the body can only survive and thrive in an acid environment. Acidosis causes thick blood that over-coagulates. It equates to less oxygen in the blood. Most people with high blood pressure are overly acidic. Acid reduces oxygen, alkaline creates oxygen.
     Heart disease is a problem of oxygen shortage. Therefore, heart patients require alkaline foods; and alkaline drinking water also has great advantage. Good quality water is normally pH neutral, or may lean a bit alkaline. Unfortunately, most tap water is full of harmful chemicals to kill contaminants, and no is longer recommended for drinking. Bottled water by present standards may include water taken from tap. So to be sure to verify the source of you body's greatest need, pure water. Find a pure spring water source closest to you at...

Definition of pure water:

Pure water contains no man made additives whatsoever. Water containing matter such as chemicals, pollutants or any other additives is not considered pure. Tap water and  municipal supplies are definitely not pure as they contain several added chemicals. Drinking impure water creates an acidic biochemistry and other health problems in humans as does any impure water absorbed through the skin.
Examples of pure water are:
· Distilled water
· Reverse osmosis water
· Artesian spring water
· Ionized water, etc.

Since the body is 70% water, drinking pure water is the single most  health significant positive action you can do for yourself. Coffee, juice, soft drinks and other drinks that are mixed with water are not pure and do not count in a pure water regime. However, adding some pure fresh-squeezed lemon juice is acceptable as it contributes to alkalize fluids in the body. 

     All prescription drugs accumulate as acid waste in the body. Soft sugary drinks are not soft, they are hard killers. Sugar steals oxygen with the highest priority, and highly acidic soft drinks contain a noxious acidic pH level on average of 2.5, while the most desired neutral pH of 7.0 is attained when both acid and alkaline is in balance. Our quite reliable In-Home Test-Kit includes a color chart to match the color your litmus test strip to the corresponding color readings on the test strip dispenser, quickly displaying the percentage of Hydrogen in your body.
A saliva test will immediately provide a measurement of your 
immediate hydrogen content, and the urine test will provide a deep down measurement of acid/alkaline levels within your bodily tissues.   
     Today, younger people and even children are becoming highly acidic and are developing more and more adult diseases. There are no warnings on soda pop containers. Fast foods are a way of lie you younger groups, and developing early poor food habits usually end up with a lifetime of doctor appointments.  
     Another serious consequence of over-acidity (pH level under 7.0) is the body’s replacement of oxygen with sugar fermentation in the respiratory chemistry of normal cells. This condition provides cancer the breeding/feeding grounds to grow and thrive. Acidosis is not a friendly companion for longevity. Sugar, the natural enmy of well being is a substance to get under control at any age. Sugar feeds cancer and is a dangerous luxury. Everything in moderation is a good philosophy.
     There are two pH systems in the body, one for the blood, and one for a normal but very acidic stomach chemistry. Drug companies have built a very profitable industry promoting antacids which destroy normal and absolutely essential stomach acids required for digestion. It’s the perfect crime. 
     When the body gives a signal of acid indigestion, it does not come from over-acidity, but under-acidity. Our body produces organic acids of fermentation when stomach acids are low, causing undigested food to rot in the stomach which then causes symptoms of acid indigestion. 
     Antacids further deplete an already low stomach acidity. The deception is temporary relief, but consumers fail to connect the cause and effect. Stomach hydrochloric acids decrease with age therefore pharmaceutical over-the counter digestive enzyme aids should be considered, and choices like Roll-Aids should be avoided. Remember the body provides warning signals of something wrong as with acid indigestion. Like all pain and  discomfort the body is alerting us that we require some corrective attention. The use of prescription drugs merely masks a declining problem by making you feel well-off when indeed the underlining condition is seriously deteriorating.

The FDA for political reasons will not allow Stevia (a safe natural sweetener), to be used in our food products. Stevia is the only sweetener that does not disturb insulin balance while not being acidic. You may purchase Stevia separately and add it to any foods you choose to sweeten safely and naturally. Pure Stevia is many time sweeter than sugar so use sparingly.

 Coffee, sugar and artificial sweeteners are a large part of the American diet, and all – with the exception of Stevia (a safe natural sugar substitute) – are acid and acid forming.

Forget expensive Lab tests. Testing Your Own Body Chemistry is now quick and easy with our inexpensive cutting-edge In-Home-Test-Kit. It's literally the Litmus Test of Health & Well-Being. 
But why should we care about a balanceed biochemistry? Simply put, an acidic body chemistry harbors the breeding grounds for death & disease. Learn how to identify and depress this ugly malignant onset that leads to cancer and other debilitating diseases. Our objective is prior detection, and prevention of disease rather than trying to cure an already malignant condition.