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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life Extension® Annual Blood Test Super Sale is On!

During our annual Blood Test Super Sale, members are able to request their own blood tests and pay only a fraction of the price charged by commercial laboratories. In addition to saving money, this arrangement makes it convenient for members to have their blood drawn virtually anywhere in the United States.

The Male or Female Blood Test Panels provide invaluable information you should know about your individual biochemistry. When these tests reveal an abnormality, corrective actions can be taken that can often result in the prevention of serious degenerative disease(s). We strongly advise that everyone order a Male or Female Blood Test Panel once a year. If you order the Life Extension Male or Female Panel, or the Male or Female Weight Loss Panel, or purchase a Male or Female Hormone Re-Test Profile, you can determine your vitamin D level for just $25. Monitoring and maintaining adequate vitamin D levels is vitally important in protecting yourself against diseases ranging from diabetes and multiple sclerosis to prostate and breast cancer.

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