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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Natural High! Why that high five feels so good.

A high five hands on yours, a hug from a family member…we have recognized the therapeutic healing power associated with feel and touch for a long time now. Yet research has shown that even small expressions, little touches, as well as physical contact between individuals, leads to surprisingly good behavioral adjustments.

In one study conducted with Brigham Young University, research workers trained partners to keep them self updated on one another’s feeling by means of nonsexual touch of the neck, shoulders as well as hands. They discovered that couples which practiced this kind of contact acquired higher levels of oxytocin, the hormone which boosts the sensation regarding binding as well as wellbeing, and resulting in a lowered level of apha ayylase, a tension signal stress indicator, than partners who had not receive the instructive training.

This past year the New York Times reported that students who obtained any supportive touch such as a mild pat on the shoulder from a teacher have been about twice as prone to volunteer in class as those who did not…and that the same type touch from a physician made patients think that their physician's check-up had lasted twice as long as those that had not received the physical contact.

And also consider the high five or closed fists bumps? In a study from University of California-Berkley scientists discovered that National Basketball Association teams whose players had good positive tactile contact performed far greater than teams that did not.
These studies concluded that physical contact appeared to encourage cooperation…ease stress…and create a cozy as well as trusting environment.

So please, be sure to…hug your family members often…give your young ones all the affectionate physical contact you can…and don’t hesitate to interact with nonfamily members by simply placing your hand on their’s. That's effective medication.

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