Chia Seeds ... Who knew?

Monday, January 27, 2014


The big lie fostered by orthodox medicine (the Medical Mafia) is the totally false notion that drugs heal. Drugs do not heal! They only mask symptoms. Orthodox medicine should properly be called symptomology. Disease festers unconsciously under the well-being feeling of pain killer prescription drugs.

What is the truth? Food (proper nutrition) is your medicine.
Let’s think about the number one killer disease in America—heart disease. Heart disease is a deficit of whole foods that feed the human heart. No drugs, no open heart surgery. We feed the medical establishment instead of our bodies.
When we say whole foods and nutrition, we do not mean synthetic and fractionated vitamins that are mass marketed in the U.S. Most substances sold under the name “vitamins” are mass produced, disguised drugs. They are not food but quasi drugs.

Whole food natural nutrition is grown on farms, or in home gardens carefully harvested and processed under low heat so as to preserve the food and nutrition value for marketing in the U.S. to health conscious people.

The only substitute for whole food natural nutrition is fresh whole vegetables grown in your garden. People who farm domestic gardens have a working knowledge of how to grow food as natural as possible with no toxic fertilizers and insect spray.
There are many deceptions in America and another huge one is the cancer disease. There are two truths that we should know that most doctors at every level do not know, hence the millions who have died a premature and miserable death.
Number One: Cancer is systemic. This simply means that in most situations if one has any cancer manifestation, he has it like Rover, he has it all over. 
This means that (in most cases) cutting a cancer out will change nothing but may in fact make the patient die quicker with more suffering. Systemic means all over! So the whole body must be treated instead of “cutting it out.”
There are clinics in the U.S. and Mexico treating the whole immune system with no surgery.
Number Two: The “treatment” of cancer in the U.S. is not medical therapy. Cancer is an industry for profit. Cut, operate, poison with chemotherapy, burn with radiation are the only options allowed in the U.S.. This system causes cancer!