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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Is dog food good for your dog?

Many of us have a misconception regarding proper nutrition for our canine companions.  Since we believe a high protein diet is not consistently best for humans, therefor it must not be complete nutrition for dogs. And, therefor many of us regard a high protein diet for Fido is not healthy either.

But, nothing could be further from the truth. If fact dogs are literally protein machines. They thrive on raw-meat protein, and with a little added graded raw- veggies,  (i.e., carrots, broccoli) it will works wonders for dog, and contributes to a healthy immune system, and a healthy and shiny coat. A defining sign of good health.

         The carbohydrate content of dry dog food. This is important, because your dog has no biological requirement for carbs. Food with a high-carb content is therefore not species-appropriate for your carnivorous canine. Chances are the carbs in the processed foods are displacing some percentage of protein your dog's body really needs.
          The use of the term 'crude' protein, fat and fiber on the dry food label. Crude can mean a lot of things. Shoe leather, for example, is a 'crude' protein. Bottom line: there's no way to determine how much of an ingredient categorized as 'crude' is digestible or will provide nourishment to your pet's body.
The pet food industry will claim almost anything to protect their secret that "carnivorous scavengers" require the food that nature intended them to eat, and that nothing compares to raw-meat like raw-meat. Dry dog food will eventually take its toll on your animals well being, and finally your Vet. bills will drive you to the truth. 
There's much misinformation to discover online regarding pet nutrition. If searching, just be sure the source is not a biased commercial dry pet food producer/supplier.
Supplements and vitamins are also very important for your pet's health. Processed dog food is cooked at high temperatures, and is thus void of most all nutrition and vitamins. And like ourselves, proper nutrition is an important part of the preventative medicine protocol we should all observe. If you love your dog, please be aware of its life-sake needs. 
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