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Friday, February 11, 2011

Join the Cancer Commons — Donate Your Data Campaign.

Contribute your treatment experience to advance cancer research.

Tapping the crowds for the best cancer treatment  

The Cancer Commons web application taps the wisdom of the 
medical crowds to help doctors and patients find the best treatment 
solution for each particular case.

Cancer Commons is a bold open science initiative for physicians, scientists, and patients engaged in personalized oncology. Its goals are to: 1) give each patient the best possible outcome by individualizing their treatment based on their tumor’s genomic subtype; 2) learn as much as possible from each patient’s response, and 3) rapidly disseminate what is learned in time to help the next patient.
Cancer Commons provides patients with personalized, actionable information that can save lives, while providing the life sciences industry with a game changing infrastructure that will slash the time and cost of developing new drugs and diagnostics and getting them to patients.
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